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1 I offer certified translations in Charleroi
I offer certified translations in Charleroi
P   9 months ago   Translators   Charleroi
I work as a translator in Charleroi, Belgium. I will be able to travel to other cities too if required. I offer certified translations. High level synchro for your business meetings in Brussels and b...

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19 € per page

1 Need to translate financial documents in Ghent?
Need to translate financial documents in Ghent?
P   9 months ago   Translators   Gent
Interpreter services in Ghent, Belgium. Departure to neighboring cities or remote translation is possible. Need to translate financial documents? Translation languages: Chechen, Russian, French. I wo...

0,09 € per word
24 € per page

1 Do you need a translation of poems, stories in Bruges?
Do you need a translation of poems, stories in Bruges?
P   9 months ago   Translators   Brugge
Interpreter services in Bruges, Belgium. I will also consider traveling to neighboring regions, as well as remote translation. Do you need a translation of poems, stories? Translation languages: Russi...

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29 € per page

1 Written translations in Antwerp
Written translations in Antwerp
P   10 months ago   Translators   Antwerpen
Interpreter for negotiations and conferences in Antwerp, Belgium. I will also consider traveling to neighboring regions, as well as remote translation. Written translations in the field of advertising...

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25 € per page

1 Inexpensive text translation in Brussels
Inexpensive text translation in Brussels
P   10 months ago   Translators   Brussels
I work as a translator in the city of Brussels, Belgium. I will also consider traveling to neighboring regions, as well as remote translation. Inexpensive translation of texts. Translation languages:...

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Translators in Belgium

The translation is most often necessary for official documents, instructions, scientific and medical texts, so a translator shall possess not only a perfect grammar but also specific vocabulary. Any translation is based on absolute literacy, the ability of the translator to reveal the richness of the original language, while maintaining semantic accuracy, without which no official document will be valid. In this section you can easily find a translator in Belgium with the necessary skills, experience, knowledge of the specific areas. Most of the translators in our classified platform translate from English, Spanish, Russian, French, Arabic, German, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, and Portuguese. Depending on your needs you may try to find translators from other languages too.

Certified translation

A certified translator can provide a legal translation of your passport, diploma, marriage certificate, birth certificate, driving license, etc. If you need a certified translation of documents in Belgium, the signature and the seal of the translator is very important, as it serves as a guarantee of certified translation, correctness, and confirmation of its compliance with the original text. A certified translation of documents is possible only when it comes to official papers and may be required not only when traveling abroad, but also in order to obtain a residence permit in Belgium. 

Technical translation

Technical translation becomes important when you need to translate technical documentation: manuals, drawings, patents, brochures, and catalogs. Here you will find a technical translator in Belgium, which offers technical translation from English, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Danish, Hindi, Uzbek, and other languages. Most of the translators have certain knowledge or experience in a particular technical field in Belgium.

Medical translation

In what cases does the need for medical translation in Belgium arise? A translation of the results of clinical trials, drug testing, and other pharmaceutical documentation is necessary when preparing dossiers for the registration of medicines in Belgium. Translation of operating instructions is required when using imported medical equipment. Specialized medical translators in Belgium will provide you with an accurate translation of the results of the patient’s medical test, medical history, expert opinions. In addition, often translation services for medical articles and publications, and other specialized literature is required. Medical translation refers to a highly specialized translation and requires a medical education or extensive experience in translation work in order to accurately convey the meaning of the translated medical text, and also maintain a strict medical style.

Legal translation

Legal translation requires a very high degree of skill and experience, as well as familiarity with the specific terminology to ensure accuracy and conformity with standard practices and procedures. The skills required from legal translators are considerable: language to a bilingual standard, or even trilingual, the experience of two or more legal systems, specialization in certain areas of law, not to mention high-level research skills. Legal translators in Belgium translate court documentation, contracts, corporate or government proposals, court transcripts, confidential agreements, laws, witness statements, regulations, wills and testaments, birth certificates, bank deposits, immigration documents, and notarized documents, among others.

Financial translation

A translation of corporate and financial literature and documentation includes the translation of bank statements, customs, and tax declarations, business plans, financial reports, marketing research, recordings of the shareholder meetings, etc. Here you can find financial translators in Belgium to translate financial texts from any language.  This industry presents a certain difficulty since a high-level translation requires not only knowledge of the language, but also an understanding of the banking structure, principles of preparation of financial statements, features of business planning, and other specific information. Just knowledge of professional vocabulary may not be sufficient. The best financial translators, as a rule, also have an economic or financial education. 

Literary translation

Literary translation is a translation of literary works from one language to another. A literary translation must reflect the imaginative, intellectual, and intuitive writing of the author. Here you will find a literary translator in Belgium who can help you to accomplish a literary translation and correctly convey the meaning, unique authorial style, aesthetics, the richness of language, as well as the atmosphere, humor, character, and mood inherent in the text.

Software, website and game localization

Localization is the adaptation of a product to the characteristics of another language and culture, or, in other words, to the cultural characteristics of a new market. It is a translation type in which the target audience perceives the translated content as written by a native speaker. You can find many experienced localization translators in Belgium on this website. Since the successful implementation of a product to a large extent depends on the quality of the information in the mother tongue of customers, localization is a necessary step for this product to enter foreign markets. Localization is becoming especially relevant in our time when rapid globalization and the abolition of borders in the global economy taking place. Localization of the websites, games, and software into English, Spanish, Russian, French, Arabic, German, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, and Portuguese becomes very popular.